Google Chrome for Business 19.0.1084.52

The tech giant's browser, optimized for business use

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    Web browsers

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    7.1 (127)

When you are in charge of managing an office workplace or any business that has employees, ensuring you are in charge of the Internet access and policies being utilized each day is essential in today's tech world. Downloading and installing Google Chrome for Business is highly recommended if you want complete control over the policies that are acceptable within your workplace, as well as other features and settings you want to have in place at all times.

Features of Google Chrome for Business

Google Chrome for Business allows individuals to manage group policies online along with authentication tools and programs that are allowed. Using Google Chrome for Business is highly recommended if you want to ensure you are in charge of any Internet access and data being viewed and shared at all times by employees or any other individual who may have access to your company's network. Additionally, Google Chrome for Business is easy to get started with as it comes as a .MSI file, also known as a traditional Windows installer file, accessible from any Windows computer or electronic device that is compatible with the program.

Pros of Google Chrome for Business

Google Chrome for Business provides an array of support topics and resolution tips to help users get the most out of all of the features available with the browser itself. Users who are not in control of the administrative privileges of the browser do not notice any difference when you have a version of Google Chrome for Business installed on a main computer or server. Updating and controlling policies with the use of Google Chrome for Business ensures you are implementing as much safety and security for all employees and those involved with your company any time you are online or accessing the Internet via your own company's network.

Cons of Google Chrome for Business

Aside from allowing control over policies and authentication tools and requirements, there are no additional features with Google Chrome for Business that make it stand out as the right browser for all businesses. Determining whether or not Google Chrome for Business is right for you greatly depends on your needs in terms of privacy and security when managing other employees in your office or workplace. There are no additional templates or themes available to implement for Google Chrome for Business, which is not always important but it can add to the overall visual you present in any office or workplace you are in each day, depending on the brand you represent and how you want to market and promote it.

Using Google Chrome for Business is highly recommended whether you employee five individuals or if you are working with hundreds of employees on a daily basis. Installing Google Chrome for Business takes less than a few minutes from start to the completion of installation altogether, allowing you to quickly access and control any policies within a group or a network you have already previously configured properly.

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